Dian Brown
Great Love, Great Life

Great Love, Great Life

Recording her first album at the age of 63, but singing nearly her entire life, Dian Brown makes her entrance onto the recording stage poised to present you with music and lyrics over 50 years in the making. Whether you're looking for the familiar sounds of home and comfort, or you're reaching for a tune more refreshing and new, her freshman album, Great Love, Great Life, offers the message to all ages that love and life go hand and hand. She covers songs from four of her favorite artists (Donnie Hathaway, Stevie Wonder, Billie Holiday & Louis Armstrong) with just enough spice to keep the flavor intact. No flash, runs or riffs, Dian keeps it as simple as simple can get. No one genre can describe her original songs that flowed from spirit, to paper, then through her vocals, but you’ll hear influences of jazz, Latin, Caribbean and gospel throughout her entire album. You need those moments to listen easy and intently as love encourages and pushes you to live a joyous, fulfilled life. 'River Flow' says life changes are no reason to worry yourself sick. 'I Hope You Got It' is a simple quiz that once answered, becomes a sing-a-long. And every child and adult needs reminding that when 'Led to Wander', goals are quickly lost. After listening to this album, you'll get a clearer picture of how a GREAT LOVE is lifting you to live a GREAT LIFE.

1.     Wonderful Words of Life         :27

2.     Until                                           4:39

3.     You Are                                     1:31

4.     My Provider, I Thank You      3:59

5.     What a Wonderful World      4:57

6.     Riverflow                                  2:30

7.     Wonderful Words of Life

                          (reprise)                 2:30

8.     Amazing Grace                        :41

9.     I Hope You Got It                    3:24

10. God Bless The Child                4:36

11. It Is Well                                     5:01

12. Have a Talk With God             3:24

13. Hope for Healing                     4:32

14. Led to Wander                          3:55

15. For Walls to Fall                        4:02

16. Someday We’ll Be Free           4:38

17. Wonderful Words of Life           :33

18. Conclusion                                   :46

19. Great Love, Great Life            4:37

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